Frequently Asked Questions

What is TagThatSwag?

TagThatSwag sells T-shirts with QR codes. The code can be scanned on a picture, a video or in real life, when the code is scanned it will give the person who scanned it a link to a page on this website containing the wearers social media links. On this page a person can click the social media handle(s) to visit the users social media page and tag him or her on that picture/video or follow/friend them. A user must manually enter their handles during purchase and only these will be shown on the page.

Can I block my page completely?

Yes, after every purchase a confirmation e-mail will be sent with a deactivation button in it. Sending a message with the 'tagcode' and the reason for termination will also be valid. Once blocked, a page can only be reopened by sending a message to the administrator with a valid reason. This is to ensure blocked profiles stay blocked.

Why get more than 1 QR code?

QR codes work best on flat surfaces aiming straight towards the lens, therefore semi-visible QR codes may not be scannable. To counteract this, you have the option of adding more than 1 (smaller) QR codes to your T-shirt. This will increase the chance of getting a successful scan from the side as well as getting a successful scan when other QR codes are creased.

Can I use this shirt to promote myself/my business?

Yes, you can use this shirt to promote yourself as well as your business. For bigger orders you can contact me via the contact page.

How is the tagcode generated?

The 'tagcode' is generated using 9 random characters, a character can be a capital letter, a lower case letter or a number. If in a rare case your tagcode would spell something inappropriate you will be refunded.

What is the importance of cookies?

This website does not need Cookies to function unless you want to purchase a T-shirt. There are 3 functional cookies (yummie🍪) of which 2 will be placed during purchase:
1. A cookie to save your data so you do not have to retype your information again when you load a new page.
2. A cookie that will ensure only your computer is engaged with the form you are filling in.
3. A cookie to remove the cookiebanner below when interacted with. (Can also be placed outside the purchase process).
We use cookies to make the purchase process smoother, easier and safer. For safety reasons cookies will only be stored up to 30 minutes, after that all data provided during the purchase process will be deleted and you will have to restart. Do note that our payment providers: Ideal and Stripe will also place cookies on your computer during checkout, this is to ensure a secure payment process. This website does not collect any data on you or your browsing prefrences. Read more about our cookie policy here.

What data will be saved?

Only the data you provide during the purchase process will be saved. What will be saved:

E-mail: Your e-mail will be saved to verify that you own the profile in case you want to block or unblock it. This will not be shown on your profile.

Social media handles: To display on your profile.

Type of shirt bought: To catch T-shirt trends.

Country (and state): For tax purpose. Read more about Tax Nexus here.
Shipping method: to catch shipping trends.

There is certain information that is provided during the purchase process that will not be saved. What will not be saved:

Adress: Although your country (and state) is saved. We do not save personally-identifying information like cities, addresses and housenumbers.

Payment information: We do not save the method of payment, creditcard numbers, CCV/CVC or any other information regarding your payment.

Read more about our policies here.

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